Winter Concert – Seasons Greetings

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 6:30pm in the Chelsea Gymnasium

Please have students in their places on the bleachers  no later than 6:15. There will be coffee and tea available to families before and after the concert, and the Middle School students will be having a bake sale.


What we’re working on


Expected behavior helps us to be good learners! Our music rules are:

Make good choices
Use equipment properly
Speak when the time is right
Involve yourself in all activities
Cooperate with others


Kindergarten – we’re exploring our singing voices, learning how to keep a steady beat, and moving to music in fun ways.

1st Grade – we’re starting to match pitch when we sing, continuing to keep a steady beat, moving to music, and using our words to describe the music we hear.

2nd Grade – we’re getting really good at matching pitch when we sing, we can keep a steady beat with our bodies and with instruments, we’re learning to show the music we hear with our bodies, and using our words to describe the music we hear.

3rd Grade – we started the year learning about the instruments of the orchestra and now we’re working on learning to sing with solfege, reading rhythms, and connecting what we sing and play to written music.

4th and 5th Grade – we started the year learning about reading and notating music. Now that we have a beginning understanding of reading music, we’re working on playing recorders.

6th Grade – We’ve wrapped up the 1950’s in History of Rock and Roll and have now moved onto the 1960’s. We’re learning about the British Invasion, Surf Rock, Soul, and will be finishing the decade with a project about music festivals.

Middle School Band and Chorus – We’re hard at work fine tuning our performances for the winter concert!


Looking Ahead


February 6th, 2018 at the Chelsea Town Hall – Solo and Ensemble Concert An opportunity for students taking music lessons and working on solos to showcase their hard work.

May 9th, 2018 at the Chelsea Gymnasium – Spring Concert – What a Wonderful World Join us as we celebrate music from around the world!