Miss. Stocek “Dee”

MoMA summer 2014
Visiting the MoMA in NYC, standing in front of Juan Gris’s painting

About Me

I am focused on helping all students create and fully develop their imagination no matter what age. I am convinced that giving even our youngest students choice in how they will create their projects makes a difference in their core classwork. I  work on projecting  what master artists convey in their work and try to help students learn how to look using Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) and drawing skills.

I think that all students are artists when they come through the Art room door. I  help them calm down the negative thoughts they may have by listening to them and offering advice, active ideas, and being their cheerleader.

I propose that all ideas can be used, changed, formed, and collaborated on. I know that if you darken the lines you like and forget the lines you don’t like, nobody is going to notice. I have a feeling that there are more artists waiting to happen than anyone at  any school thinks.

This year is a drawing year meaning that less technology and more hands on projects are activated. This will be implemented through choice tables for K-5, and  life skills and positive ways on communicating through art  in grades 6-8, and lots of drawing experiences as well as yearbook design, mixed media projects, and sketchbooks for grades 9-12.  I believe that playing jazz music in the Art room creates the studio atmosphere that I want for all students. I discourage students from saying that their work is not good and encourage them to talk about the parts that they like. I want to share with them the power of self confidence when ideas become something tangible and successful.

Articles I encourage you to read:

Olga Hubard’s, Rethinking Critical Thinking and Its Role in Art Museum Education

Olga Hubard’s, Illustrating Interpretive Inquiry: A Reflection for Art Museum Education

Ron Ritchhart’s, Creative Teaching in the Shadow of the Standards

Ron Ritchhart’s, Learning to Think: The Challenges of Teaching Thinking

Books I encourage you to read:

Philip Yenawine, Visual Thinking Strategies: Using Art to Deepen Learning Across School Disciplines 2013

TED Talks I believe that are important to understand how the Arts are important to your student:

Bring On The Learning Revolution!

Phil Hansen

How  a boy became an artist

 What adults can learn from kids

Dustin Yellin

Art with wire, sugar, chocolate, and string

How I became 100 artists

Tracy Chevalier

Sir Ken Robinson