Reading Support

Diana Clegg Brown


Diana Clegg Brown has been teaching at Chelsea School since 2004. Diana has worked in Chelsea Public School as a special educator in the middle school and elementary school, and now works as our reading and math support specialist K-5, as well as the Reading Recovery teacher primarily in First Grade. When not at school, Diana enjoys walk and hiking, biking, swimming and camping with family and friends. Diana loves to read, and has recently taken up oil painting. Diana enjoys travel, near or far, when lucky enough to do so. She lives with her husband and their dog and two cats, in Rochester, Vermont.

Why I like Teaching in Chelsea:
I love that Chelsea School is a small k-12 school that feels like a village within a village. There is a strong sense of community. It is heart warming to be part of a school where there is caring and support, not only from the school staff, but from parents and families, community members, the Friends of Chelsea and the school board members. Most of all, I love being in community with children each day and having the opportunity to see individual students learning, growing and changing over time. They say, kids keep you young and I think this is true. It’s “kid energy”. Kids are naturally playful, creative, authentic, full of enthusiasm, in the moment, big hearted, generous, curious, and have a huge capacity for enjoyment and wonder. I feel lucky and privileged to be among children each day. The development of early literacy skills is critical for children to become proficient readers. Assessment and monitoring of students emergent literacy skills is essential to providing students with high quality instruction. It is exciting to see our students progress from emergent to proficient readers.

Click on the links below to learn more about the assessments and early intervention programs used in Chelsea.

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