B3 – Board Member Conflict of Interest
C2 – Board Meetings, Agenda Presentation and Distribution
C3 – Public Participation at Board Meetings
D1 – Personnel, Recruitment, Selection, Appointment and Criminal Records Check
D2 – Professional Development
D4 – Suggested Procedure for Principal Evaluation
D6 – Substitute Teachers
D7 – Volunteers and Work Study Students
D8 – Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace
D9 – Policy on Prevention on Harassment of Students
D11 – Drug and Alcohol Testing:  Transportation of Employees
D12 – Chelsea Educator Supervision and Evaluation
D12 – Employee Harassment
D13 & F36 – Hazing Policy
D14 & F37 – Threats and Disruptions to School Operations Policy
D15 – Policy on School Volunteers
D17 – Support Staff Benefits
D18 – Title IX, Title VI, and Section 504 Discrimination Statement
E2 – Special Services Authorization Policy
E3 – Bomb Threat Policy and Procedure
E4 – School Credit Card
E6 – Emergency Plans
E8 – Tobacco Prohibition
F1-sm – Student Conduct and Discipline
F2 – K-1 Admissions Policy
F4 – School Search and Seizure Policy
F5 – Student Publications
F6 – Collection and Maintenance of Education Records
F7 – Definitions Used for Implementing the Policy on the Collection, Maintenance, and Dissemination of Student Records
F8 – Medication Policy
F9 – Transportation
F10 – Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
F11 – AIDS or HIV Infection Policy
F13 – Student Fund Raising Activities
F14 – Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities
F15 – Athletic Policy
F16 – Eligibility for Sports and Extracurricular Activities
F17 – Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students
F18 – Course Load Policy
F19 – Tuition Billing Policy
F20 – Full and Part-time Students
F21 – Policy Prohibition of Firearms and Weapons
F22 – Limited English Proficiency Students
F23 – Early Graduation Policy
F24 – Attendance
F25 – Overstreet Privileges Policy
F26 – Pregnancy/Parenting Teens
F27 – Retention/Promotion Policy
F28 – Reporting Student Progress in Grade 7-12
F29 – Chelsea Student Report
F30 – Policy on the Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students
F31 – Academic Graduation Requirements
F32 – School Board Student Representatives
F33 – Adult Diploma Program
F34 – Bomb Threat Policy and Procedure
F35 – Participation of Home Study Students in School Programs and Activities
F37 – Threats and Disruptions to School Operations Policy
F38 – Policy on Cooperative Agreement for Athletic Participation
F39 – Head Lice
F40 – Immunization Policy
F41 – Policy on Restrictive Behavioral Intervention
F42 – Pupil Privacy Rights
F43 – Federal Child Nutrition Act Wellness Policy
F44 – Class Rank/Valedictorian/Salutatorian Policy
F45 – Student Activities Funds Policy
F45 – Student Activities Funds Rules and Regulations
G1 –Curriculum Development Policy
G2 – Educational Support System
G3 – Use of Copyrighted Work
G4 – Media Selection Policy
G8 – Chelsea Local Action Plan
G11 – Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and The Internet
G12 – Grade Level Course Syllabus Policy, Rules and Procedures
H1 – Public Gifts and Solicitations to and for Schools
H2 – Parental Involvement
H3 – Use of School Facilities and Equipment
H4 – Soliciting Policy
H5 – Advertising, Commercialism, and Contests in the School
H6 – Chelsea Annual School Reports
C5A – Look-Alike Weapons on School Property
Transportation:  Bus Breakdown/Accident/Emergency Response
Wellness Policy
WRV3-Disposition of Assets Policy