Susan Connolly

I was born and raised in Vermont.  I will always call myself a Vermonter but do love to travel.  I love to see how other people all around the world live, work and play.  My hometown was Waterbury, Vermont.  I have one brother and sister, both younger than me.   Now I live just one town over from my hometown of Waterbury, in Duxbury.  I am married, have one daughter, one son, and 3 grandchildren.  Our home also has a dog and a number of pigs.


When my children were young we moved to many places as my husband was in the Navy.  I lived in Rhode Island, Connecticut, California and the country of Cuba.  We eventually moved back to Vermont.  I got my teaching degree from Johnson State College in 2004 and have taught at St. Monica’s School and Barre City before coming to Chelsea.  As a teacher I took a trip to Thailand once to visit and study schools in their country.  


My favorite animal is an elephant because of their intelligence and grace.  I think that when you look into an elephant’s eyes you see deep into their soul, just like people.  In Thailand I was fortunate to have been able to ride on an elephant through the jungle.  What a wonderful experience.  Did you know that if you look at the country of Thailand on a map it looks like an elephant’s head?


My favorite subject to teach students is reading but I love to teach and learn everything.  There is so much to learn in this world.  I work hard to make sure that my students in my classes are polite and respectful to others and feel comfortable to learn and share.  Because of this, I think Chelsea School is a great fit for me as here at Chelsea everyone wants this respectful atmosphere.  


For fun I love to read, travel, and spend time with my family, especially my children and grandchildren.  My favorite author is Dr. Seuss but mostly I read about new ideas or ways to be a better teacher.  For travel I love just to drive around and see new things.  My favorite trip of all time was a driving trip in a car with my two children driving around the entire country.  We visited family who lived far away and saw things like the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore.