Word Study Homework Info

Homework Expectations

The expectation for nightly Word Work homework is to  complete the following activities each night:
Monday, cut apart and sort the words/pictures.  Copy or glue the words/pictures onto your sheet.

Tuesday, choose four words/pictures to illustrate.

Wednesday is writing choice day. You can choose to write sentences, or write the letter of the sound you are working on.

Thursday is a  pretest day.  Try to spell the word, or the write the letter that each  pictures begins with. This will help you get ready for our quiz on Fridays!

We will occasionally send home math homework throughout the week.  We will stamp the date that we would like the paper returned to school on the top of the page. Please return ASAP.

Students who do not turn in assigned homework for the week will miss part of Fun Fridays! Please help your student to complete homework, as it is review from our class work.